Richard Alison
3rd year student at SMA Dharma Putra

I'm a 3rd year student at this school. I'm the "ideas guy" of the team, so I don't do much aside from giving everyone else ideas and fixing stuff.

I find technology fascinating. Think about it - a century ago, nobody would imagine us being able to communicate to friends thousands of kilometers away with a single click. No one imagined mails being sent in microseconds either, or calculations numbering in the millions being done in under a second - and yet, here we are today, talking smack to people a continent away just because they ruined our line of defense in Wargame, or trying to vote them out of the game because we got accidentally teamkilled in Counter-Strike - to be honest, I think that's a good thing.

I'm also interested in linguistics, I'm fluent in English and Indonesian, and use both everyday. I think linguistics are interesting because even when you reach a native-like level of proficiency, you still find new things - new words, new idioms, new forms of grammar that you've never seen before - it's a never-ending learning experience!

I think that might be all I can write for now, see you!
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